Stumbling Toward Heaven

Stumbling Toward Heaven: Mike Hamel on Cancer, Crashes, and Questions is about my struggle with cancer in particular and life in general. It describes in detail what the disease has done to my body and what life before and during treatment has done to my mind, which has never been very stable in the first place. It follows my physical and spiritual journey toward the Valley of the Shadow of Death and beyond.

Stumbling Toward Heaven is for everyone who has been impacted by life-threatening catastrophes. In my case this also includes a serious auto accident two months after a bone marrow transplant.

Stumbling Toward Heaven is also meant for those who find themselves spiritually "off the reservation" as novelist and cancer survivor Kinky Friedman would say. For a long time I've been "out where the (church) buses don't run"—another Kinkyism—and it's surprising how many people have wandered out here for one reason or another.

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Mike Hamel

Mike Hamel

I am a professional writer with a dozen books to my credit, including a trilogy of titles dealing with faith and business: The Entrepreneur's Creed, Executive Influence and Giving Back.

My most enjoyable project to date has been an eight-volume juvenile fiction series called Matterhorn the Brave. It's based on variegated yarns I used to spin for my four children. They are now grown and my six grandchildren will soon be old enough for stories of their own.

Praise for

Stumbling Toward Heaven:

"The occurrence of the unexpected is an experience we all share in this life. It takes a gifted writer like Mike Hamel to help us make sense of it all … and have some laughs along the way. Prescription: Buy This Book!"

— Bill Dahl,
Author, Creator of The Porpoise Diving Life (.com)

"Those who found insight in Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture will discover the same spirit here."

— Jeff Rowes,
Senior Attorney, Institute for Justice

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